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HAIR REMOVALS: we are a selling point of different hair removers: wax hair removals, heater wax machines and other items.

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    Professional Inter Wax Heater KV: Single pot professional salon Wax Warmer, which is elegantly designed to incorporate all the features required by today’s therapists and beauty salons. This Wax Warmer provide a unique opportunity to those looking to maximize salon efficiency whilst complementing salon ambiance.

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    Bandido Black wax, a unique elastic wax, a shiny wax for hair removal. Treat with black wax large surfaces at once. No pain, redness. Berodin Black wax is a soft wax perfect for hair removal. Berodin is the best depilatory wax in the industry and is for professional use only. Waxing is the preferred method for hair removing.

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    Bandido Tatanium Wax 400 g: Have your skin experience the sensuously soft results of this Satin Smooth Thin Film Hard Wax. Blue Titanium soothes and moisturizes skin with calming azulene oil, vitamin E and zinc oxide. Absolutely perfect for male Brazilian bikini waxing.

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    Bandido Powder Wax 400 g: Waxing is one of the quickest and longest lasting methods of hair removal and gives the smoothest finish. Waxing is the preferred method. Waxing removes facial hair for up to six weeks without the threat of embarrassing stubble or shadow. Additionally, the hair that grows back is often finer and thinner.

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    Arcade Unisex Mask Wax: avec simple utilisation et efficace pour toute les peaux. Faire chauffer la Cire Arcade dans votre chauffe pot et attendre qu'elle ait une consistance du miel. La cire doit etre uitlisée sur une peau propre et sche. Si la peau est grasse, sauspoudrez un peu de talc avant d'appliquer la cire.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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